Sunday, March 8, 2009

Reading Rocks! Homeschool Book Club Dictionary

On Friday, homeschoolers in Grades 3-6 gathered at the Main Library to discuss Frindle, by Andrew Clements. We had a very animated discussion about words and where they come from; we even made up a few of our own "new" words, which you will find in the list below. Who knows? ... maybe we'll be seeing one of these words in a dictionary someday!

bickle (noun) \bik-ul\ : a female sibling

blee (noun) \blee\ : the page of a book

blingle (noun) \blin-gl\ : a bell

bloop (noun) \b.l.o.o.p\ : a lizard

chaiea (noun) \ca-ya\ : something that grows from the ground; a flower

elbat (noun) \el-bat\ : a piece of furniture with legs and a smooth, even, and level top that rests on the legs

drenair (noun) \dren-eer\ : your hair

flick (noun) \fl-ick\ : fog

flith (noun) \flith\ : a growing, flowering plant

goaleade (noun) \go-ah-led\ : a small, round, copper penny

habble (verb) \ha-bble\ : to crab, to complain

halabbable (verb) \hala-babble\ : to speak too much or too quickly

higafuhaba (adjective) \hi-gu-fu-ha-ba\ : pointless, meaningless, unbelievable, strange

hwwo (noun) \huh-wah-wah\ : a person that does not have a beard

manack (noun) \ma-nack\ : a fizzy, sweet drink with caffeine

murp (noun) \murp\ : a device used for finding your way

plreph (noun) \pl-ref\ : a shiny sea

puvvy (noun) \puv-vy\ : an apple

sningle (noun) \znin-gle\ : the military

speeder (noun) \spee-der\ : a car

thingamagiggerus (noun) \th-i-ng-ah-mah-gih-g-err-ous\ : a bookshelf, or anything else. Derived from Latin.

tocelt (noun) \toe-celt\ : a book

zipidydoda (verb) \zip-idy-do-da\ : run, running

For more word fun, take a look at Merriam Webster's Word Central, where you can "Build Your Own Dictionary", play fun word games, and more.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't habble if I could jump in my speeder or zipidydoda to attend the next tocelt club!