Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Retirement Steve Fortriede!

Yesterday, ACPL and friends said, "Happy Retirement" to Associate Director Steve Fortriede. He has been at the library for 40 years! Steve was named a Distinguished Hoosier in recognition of all of the work that he has done to make a great library for our community. He has even been seen driving with Harry Potter. Thanks for everything Steve!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you did for the library, Mr. Fortriede!

wonka_nerd said...

Thanks Mr. Fortriede, the library is great.

Teresa said...

My family and I appreciate all the hard work you have done. May your commitment to exceptional customer service, outreach, staff development, mentorship, historical preservation, and most importantly, the library's mission "to inform, educate, entertain, and culturally enrich the entire community by providing books and other library materials, facilities, and professional services for free use by all residents" continue on.

Enjoy retirement! Here's to many relaxing days with family and friends. And may you soon have some great fishing weather.

Anonymous said...

Steve, thanks for every thing. I hope you catch some real nice Fish.

Chuck V.