Thursday, February 14, 2008

We need YOUR help!

The Allen County Public Library has begun work on the 2007 Annual Report and wants your help! We'd love to include some great stories about how the library has helped our customers. How has the library helped you, or someone you know, with memorable and outstanding service?
  • Were you able to gather materials for a college assignment on children's literature by using the Custom Collection service?
  • Did you find an answer to what you thought was an impossible question by using Ask a Librarian?
  • Did your family bond while painting a car or participating in a rocket launch on the Plaza or at another library activity last year?
  • Did you use booklists to help your child learn about a particular subject?
  • Is your homeschooling more successful because of Library resources?
  • Have you watched your child learn as you play together in the Early Learning Center?
  • Did your child celebrate turning 7 because it meant he could (finally!) go up in the Reading Tower to read?
We want to hear your Library success stories! Email your stories; we're waiting to hear from YOU! (But hurry! The deadline is Friday, February 22nd.)

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