Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vicky Ceelen

The photographs of human babies and animals in Baby! Baby! and Baby Nose to Baby Toes by Vicky Ceelen are placed side by side so it is easy to see the commonalities. Gorgeous photographs and darling babies and animals make these board books perfect for sharing with your favorite baby.

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Anonymous said...

We were lucky enough to get Baby!Baby! as a prize from the ACPL Summer Reading Program. My son, Will, is 10 months old, and he LOVES this book! The interactions we have with this book are priceless: When he sees the dog, and I bark first, he will bark back at me. When he sees the lion he growls, when he sees the baby that looks like the turtle, he points to the baby's nose, then his nose, then my nose. The cutest is when we get to the rabbit page, he scrunches his nose and makes rabbit teeth :) I am trying to get him to do this for the camera (cameras tend to distract him from everything else!). If I can capture it, I will be sure to share! Thanks for all you do to help promote early literacy :)