Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Smart Start Storytime -- I Like Me!

Preschoolers! Join us this morning at 10:30 for storytime -- our theme will be
I Like Me!

We'll be doing some fun rhymes and songs and stories, to celebrate the specialness that is in each one of us.

Our Early Literacy Focus this week will be on Print Motivation, which simply means having an interest in and enjoyment of books and reading.

Some ways to encourage this are:
  • Keep books in every room, in the car, in the diaper can catch a few minutes here and there when you and your children can enjoy sharing books.
  • Play along, sing, or act out the motions in a story. By making stories fun, we are motivating children to want more!
  • When you are reading a book with your child, don't worry about finishing the book. Engage your child as much as you can, and when your child loses interest, just continue another time.
For more Early Literacy tips, see our Everybody Reads page, or visit us at the Library!

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