Monday, April 27, 2009

Healthy Food, Healthy Bodies

The Monster Health Book is a fun, kid-friendly guide for taking care of yourself -- with tips on healthy foods, exercise, and just feeling good about yourself! Mixed in with the information are fun facts, like the number of peanuts it takes to make one jar of peanut butter.
(Want to know the answer? Highlight the area below to read it!)

It takes about 550 peanuts to make one 12 ounce jar of peanut butter.

Playnormous is a website that promotes healthy eating and exercise! Play games like Lunch Crunch, where you have to put together a healthy meal, or Juice Jumble where you have to figure out which fruit drinks REALLY have fruit juice in them. Grown-ups will find tips and lesson plans, as well.

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Melanie M. Lazarus, MPH said...

Thank you so much for blogging about Playnormous Health Games! I was unfamiliar with the "Monster Health Book." Health and monsters must be a winning combination. Keep up the great work!
Best wishes,
Melanie M. Lazarus, MPH
Director of Marketing
Playnormous Health Games