Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fish Guide Now Available Online!

The three aquariums in Children's Services have been an exciting focal point for visitiors since we opened. People of all ages -- toddlers through grandparents -- are captivated by the beauty and variety of life in the 275 gallon tanks.

One of the frequent questions we receive is "What kind of fish is that? Or, in the case of our reef tank, a finger will point excitedly to an object in the tank with the question "Is that alive? What is it?"Now, thanks to the efforts of one of our fish-loving staffmembers, we have an online guide to answer these questions. Need help identifying any of the fish in our tanks? Check out the online fish guide!

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Anonymous said...

This is GREAT. I love stopping and looking at the fish tanks when I'm at the library. Now I'll know what some of the more interesting fish are really suppose to be called.