Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Child's Book Review: Bad Kitty Gets a Bath

Click here to find this book in the Library Catalog!Tessa, 9, reviewed Bad Kitty Gets a Bath by Nick Bruel:

Bad Kitty Gets a Bath is about how to give Kitty a bath, the things you will need to give Kitty a bath, and what kitty will do to you when he gets a bath.Kitty will try to hide. Kitty will never forgive you. You might consider taking Kitty to the groomers next time. Also, you should try to be super nice to Kitty.

My favorite part was the list of things you will need for the bath, like lots of plasma and a suit of armor. I also liked the glossary.

This book looks like a book for preschoolers, but it’s a book anyone can enjoy.

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Tricia W said...

Great review, Tessa! I really enjoyed it and look forward to checking out this book with my kiddos.