Sunday, October 10, 2010

What's inside?

As you walk through the Children's Department of the downtown library, do you ever wonder what is inside the big blue bags? Or what is inside the small blue and yellow bags? Or what is inside the boxes in the PTC section?
Well, if you have ever wondered about any of these things, the display in our glass case is for you!
We have displayed the "insides" of these items.
The big blue bags are our Kits for Kids. The Kits for Kids encompass an enormous array of subjects. They hold eight picture books, one DVD or CD and usually a book from our PTC collection.
The smaller blue and yellow bags are our Parent and Child Sets. Each bag focuses on one letter from the alphabet or one number. Inside the Parent and Child Sets are applicable books to help your child learn their letters and manipulatives that might be a lacing letter or a letter stamp. There are also activity sheets to provide ideas to further your child's letter and number knowledge.
The Character Education boxes are from our Parent Teacher Collection. Each box contains a DVD, a picture book, an activity book, an evaluation book and a home ties book. These boxes are great and fun ways to teach character.
Please stop by our Children's Department and let us help you find the perfect kit, set or box!

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