Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kevin is sooo cute!

The newest "Kevin" book came across my desk today and I really have to share how very much I adore this character. Liesbet Slegers is the author and illustrator and frankly, I think she is amazing!
Her illustrations are brilliant ~ sweet, but not cloying. Slegers text is simple and appropriate, without a hint of condescension. As the Belgian author/illustrator said in an interview, "I write and illustrate for very young children. It is important to me to use very bright and shining colors. This draws their attention. I also use very simple sentences, sometimes only one per page!"

Kevin is a perfect character to guide children through the 'firsts' of their little lives. Slegers focuses beautifully and with compassion on the first experiences of toddlers.
She has had Kevin experience his first day of school, his first airplane ride and his first trip to the hospital.
I am a huge fan of Liesbet Slegers and Kevin. Stop by the library, check out a book by Slegers and see if you don't agree!

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