Monday, August 2, 2010

Wii READ today!

Actually, we hope that you read everyday! But today is Wii READ in the Children's Services department of the Main Library.
This is game day at the library~the format is for 20 minutes and receive a ticket to play Wii for 20 minutes. Not enough? Read for another 20 minutes and receive another ticket to play Wii for another 20 minutes!
Board games will also be available. It is a fun-filled, game-filled day at the library!
Come see us today!
Wii Read!
10:00 am - 12:00 noon 2:00- 4:00 pm


Teresa said...

What a fantastic idea! Do you plan to offer this on a regular basis?

Unknown said...

Thanks, Teresa! We had over 50 kids reading and playing here today and we had a great time. Here's a link to pictures of the game-playing portion of the day:

We would love to offer the program regularly -- but we need to have enough staff available to make sure that everything runs smoothly -- so please watch our blog for the next game day.